Music Producer • Mixing Engineer • Singer/Songwriter • Multi-instrumentalist

Mixing and Stem Mastering
  • Multiple options available for all budgets
  • Delivered with complimentary mastering
  • Full vocal production available
  • Video session going over how the track was mixed and mastered available

Vocal Production and Mixing
  • Tuning done with Melodyne Editor, Auto-Tune Pro X and UAD Auto-Tune Realtime Advanced
  • Time alignment done with Vocalign Ultra
  • ITB processing done with the highest quality plug-ins, including an assortment of UAD reverbs

Music Production
  • Multiple options available for all budgets
  • Extensive experience working with most popular and experiemental styles of EDM, Pop, Hip-Hop, R&B, Reggaeton, K-pop, Indie, Alternative, Metal and everythign in-between
  • Mixing, mastering and vocal production available

  • Available via Source-Nexus (requires Google Chrome)
  • Includes free consultation
  • Done using Ableton Live 11 or Live 12,
  • For anyone from beginners just starting to seasoned producers
  • I can help with learning Ableton, song writing/composition, music production, vocal production, sound design, mixing, mastering, etc.
  • I can produce, mix and/or master your song and explain the process as I go
  • 15+ years of experience writing, producing, mixing and mastering music professionally
  • 10+ years of experience using Ableton Live as a full-time professional

  • Professional male English and/or Spanish vocals for your project
  • Can offer many different styles from soft Pop to Metal (including fry and false chord screaming)
  • Recorded using high quality professional gear in a well treated studio
  • Delivered fully edited
  • Vocal production and mixing available
  • Songwriting available
  • Available as a featured artist

Custom Sounds
  • 20+ years of sound design experience
  • Presets for Serum, Pigments, Phase Plant, Current, Omnisphere, Diva, Repro 5, Falcon, Arturia V9, NI KU13 Collectors Edition etc.
  • Acoustic loops in many different styles using a great asortment of guitars, basses, drums, percussion, etc.
  • Drumkits in many different styles (Trap, EDM, Pop, etc.)
  • High end analog and digital processing for samples

  • for anything not listed here please don't hesisate to ask!